"Bring Your Body Back To Nature" - Ian Hart
Discover Secret Hacks To Natural Healing And Recovery In This Simple Step By Step Program
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The Tips, Tricks, and Hacks You Learn In This Book Will Help You:
  • INSTANTLY boost the immune system at will within a few minutes so that disease and viruses can be easily fought off or shorten the duration and intensity of symptoms
  • Remove TOXIC waste from the cells and the body which is one of the culprits of lots of pain and misery
  • Improve the function of every cell in the body so that you absorb more nutrients and process out more toxins
  • Learn the 4 basics things a newborn baby does for perfect health. If one of these things is off disease can follow, if 2 or more of these things are off, disease WILL follow if more that two are off you could end up in a dire situation
  • Learn how to heal yourself so that you are not dependent on a medical system that is antiquated and cares more about your money than your health.
  • Save time, money and energy learning things that took me a decade of research and experimentation.
  • Plus much, much more... forward written by Wim Hof
About The Author
  • If you are frustrated with doctors, the health care system, and your ailing health, grab a copy of Healing Hacks. My friend, Ian Hart, has done a great job of simplifying strategies that can make an major impact on your health and wellness.
    DR. PETER OSBORNE, author of No Grain No Pain and founder of Gluten Free Society
  • Having spent time with Ian, it is obvious the passion he has for helping others... This book is his expression of that passion...
    SCOTT SCHMAREN, NeuroPerformanceologist, hypnotist, speaker, coach and author