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  • INSTANTLY boost the immune system at will within a few minutes so that disease and viruses can be easily fought off or shorten the duration and intensity of symptoms
  • Remove TOXIC waste from the cells and the body which is one of the culprits of lots of pain and misery
  • Improve the function of every cell in the body so that you absorb more nutrients and process out more toxins
  • Learn the 4 basics things a newborn baby does for perfect health. If one of these things is off disease can follow, if 2 or more of these things are off, disease WILL follow if more that two are off you could end up in a dire situation
  • Learn how to heal yourself so that you are not dependent on a medical system that is antiquated and cares more about your money than your health.
  • Save time, money and energy learning things that took me a decade of research and experimentation.
  • Plus much, much more... forward written by Wim Hof
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